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[MoP Mechanics] Unleash Elements / Unleashed Fury


Unleash Wind now increases attack speed by 50% baseline (up from 40%). Unleash Flame now increases the damage of your next fire spell by 30% baseline (up from 20%). Elemental Weapons no longer exists in MoP (which brought the live values up to 60%/30%, respectively), so this is a slight nerf for Unleash Wind overall. Unleash Wind now does 90% weapon damage (down from 175% on live).
For Unleashed Fury, there's definitely something weird going on with the static shock procs. It looks like there's a small (350ms?) ICD, but its existence doesn't seem to reduce the overall number of procs you get with synced weapons.
The only source of damage in either parse that should be eligible to proc static shock is auto-attacks (basically all I'm doing is auto-attacking the dummy with weapon imbues and lightning shield up and then using unleash elements roughly on cooldown.
The shortest period of time I've observed between Lightning Shield procs is ~350ms; however, as you can see in the synced parse ...
[22:29:26.679] Purgesmash hits Raider's Training Dummy 7740
[22:29:26.679] Purgesmash hits Raider's Training Dummy 3740
[22:29:27.314] Purgesmash Lightning Shield Raider's Training Dummy 7375
[22:29:27.696] Purgesmash Lightning Shield Raider's Training Dummy 7376
The only explanation I have is that it's checking one hand for static shock's chance to proc, waiting the ICD duration and then checking the other hand.
In terms of the proc chance, if you multiply auto-attack hits + crits + glances by the unleashed fury buff uptime and then divide the number of lightning shield procs by that number, both parses give a proc rate of 47-48%. Since auto-attacks are not equally distributed inside and outside of unleash fury (you always have a 50% attack speed increase for a brief period of time after every unleash), I'm willing to say it uses the same 45% proc chance as SS and LL hits.
I haven't tested whether the +25% LB damage component of unleashed fury is additive or multiplicative with our mastery yet. I'm assuming it's multiplicative, but I can verify that and post the results later.


Flapjack wrote Jul 7, 2012 at 9:42 PM

The +25% LB damage is multiplicative with our mastery.

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