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Emailed this to Eralun over the weekend but just don't want it to get lost.
I have spent the morning trying to figure out what is wrong with the values outputted by the Sim when I compare them to my actual combat parses. I was thinking it had to do with haste (and there may still be a haste component to it) but actually it's Armor Penetration that is causing the discrepancy.
There are two things wrong with how we have Armor Penetration coded. Both lines are in EnhSim.cpp
First Issue
acmax_ = static_cast<int>(400.0 + (85.0 * ATTACKER_LEVEL) + (4.5 * 85.0 * (ATTACKER_LEVEL - 59.0)));
The code should be going off TARGET_LEVEL not ATTACKER_LEVEL since the actual formula is
The other issue is
acdebuff_ = (float)armor_base_ * (1.0f - armor_debuff_major_) * (1.0f - armor_debuff_minor_);
Which has the two debuffs stacking multiplicatively, except according to the wiki they stack additively.
[quote from wowwiki]
Calculating the ARP it's done in 2 parts:
First up - the debuffs. These reduce your target's initial armor. For example, if your target has 10k armor and it gets 20% sunder, its armor would be 8k. The debuffs stack additively, so Faerie_Fire will stack with sunder, totaling a 25% reduction on the target, taking it to 7.5k armor.
Second, comes the formula GC provided, you grab the armor after the debuff calculation and to that armor you apply the formula (armor + C)/3. Using the same example as before, lets say the target is level 80, so C=15232.5, now calculate (7500 + 15232.5)/3 = 7577.5. This makes the target's armor lower than the result, meaning that each 1% removes 750 armor and you are hitting a 0 armor target on the 100% ARP get. The ArP "buffs" (items, stances and such) stack additively too, meaning that 90% ARP on battle stance for a warrior would mean a 100% ARP final.[/quote]
At least it should be pretty easy to fix, just change attacker to target and then make the major and minor debuffs additive with each other.
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ArP calcs no longer valid in patch 4.0.1


Ziff wrote Mar 29, 2010 at 8:11 AM

Everywhere else I can read up on how Sunder and Faerie Fire stack lists it as multiplicatively, not additively. Scanning over the Combat Ratings at level 80 thread up on Elitist Jerks is pretty convincing to me. If we want to change this, we should do some testing against a beast mob to see exactly how the armor changes.

Also within that thread, it comments that Ghostcrawler was confused on the actual formula and the current implement is correct. It lists the proper cap number being 15232.5 and not the higher number.

Both of these calculations are also exactly how SimCraft handles Armor Pen, so I'd like to seem more testing on this before we make the change.

Levva wrote Apr 9, 2010 at 10:44 AM

It is NOT Target Level in the initial line. I posted on the EnhSim thread at EJ a comparison of Rawr & EnhSim ArP code see http://elitistjerks.com/f79/t82621-enhsim_updated_thread/p15/#post1604225

Note the Rawr code is NOT code for Enhancement Shaman but code for ANY class. As the Rawr project author plays a cat/bear and getting the ArP calc right is important to him and this particular coding for ArP calcs in Rawr has undergone a lot of testing to ensure its accuracy. As you can see from the EJ forum posts the EnhSim code is not a million miles away but was lacking the correct formulae for the ArP cap calcs. I've modified this in v1.9.8.2 and added debug output so users can see what is happening, and prove its right.

We can remove the debug output once testing shows the calc is fixed.

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