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So, brave adventurer, you want to learn to use EnhSim. This is a good choice, but it comes with a heavy requirement. First, you'll need at least an 800 Math score on your SATs. At least. Second, you need a signed letter of recommendation from an acclaimed professor of theoretical physics. We suggest Stephen Hawking. Third, you need to be published in one of the following academic journals: Science, The Nathaniel Hawthorne Review, or The Cambridge Law Journal. If you do not meet any of these requirements, we might require a proof of your Mensa International membership. If you meet all three of these requirements, you are ready to proceed to step one.

Now that you've met our basic requirements, we can move into the first part of the EnhSim wiki: Downloading and installing Enh Sim. Since you're already on our Codeplex page, chances are you think you're ready. However, the road ahead is dangerous. You must prepare by downloading a program like, which will allow you to unzip and extract the Enh Sim program. Once you have this program downloaded and setup, you're going to want to go to your desktop and create a new folder. Name this folder anything you like, from "EnhSim version x.y" to "Enhancement theorycrafting" stuff. If you're like me, just name it "NERD." At any rate, set this folder up.

Once this is done, make your way to the main page of the Enh Sim website. The current release version of the sim is always updated in the top right corner under the giant Download banner. Click the Download button to bring you to a page where you need to read and accept a license. Once that is done, you'll get an option to open the EnhSim download. You want to choose to open it with WinRar or whatever other unzipping program you have. Once you have it opened in WinRar, you should have a page that looks like this:


In the top left corner, you're going to click "extract to." This will bring up a list of folders and subfolders for you to extract the zipped files too. Since you set up a folder on your desktop, this should be easy to find. Find your folder, click "ok," and your Enh Sim is now installed!

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