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EnhSim 2.6.6 ALPHA

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Released: Nov 23, 2011
Updated: Nov 24, 2011 by Ziff
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Release Notes

2.6.6 ALPHA

This release supports WoW patch 4.3 at level 85
To use this release, you must have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed. This can be downloaded from
To use the GUI you must have the .NET 4.0 Framework installed. This can be downloaded from

- Implemented an initial stab at No'Kaled.
- It's implemented as a 7% chance to proc off of white hits, Stormstrike and Lava Lash. I treat it as a yellow attack without the ability to dodge and the damage can crit. It is effected by all buffs to fire, frost and shadow. It is also effected by our mastery bonus. We still need alot more testing with this axe to confirm exactly how it works, but this should be a start.
- Switched to using the RF designator for Raid Finder gear instead of LFR since it seems that's what people are starting to abbreviate it as.
- Fixed a problem where our mastery bonus was mistakenly effecting Arcance and Shadow damage.
- Removed the old necrotic plague switches in the config file and just standardized on selecting a special weapon just like selecting an Axe or Fist weapon.

- Make sure that the AP raid bonus is taken from the best buff between the raid buff and the one from Unleashed Rage
- Added in the new trinkets for 4.3 with initial models, when more data is gathered I'll update them to match when 4.3 goes live. Below is a more detailed breakdown.
- Added in Kiroptyric Sigil. Only added in the normal version, since the heroic version doesn't seem to exist in game
- Added in the Starcatcher Compass, the lfr version, normal version and heroic version. Modeled it with a 10% chance to proc, with a 80 second ICD initially.
- Added in the Vial of Shadows, the lfr version, normal version and heroic version. Modeled it with a 15% chance to proc, with a 25 second ICD initially. The damage is effected by AP at a 100% coefficient, and it is effected by damage mitigation via armor and physical damage buffs like Savage Combat. It uses the yellow attack combat, with the ability to crit at a 150% bonus. I'm treating it like DMC:H, where it is a ranged attack so it can miss but not dodge.
- Added in the Wrath of Unchaining, the lfr version, normal version and heroic version.

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