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EnhSim 2.4.1 ALPHA

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Released: Apr 30, 2011
Updated: May 1, 2011 by Ziff
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Release Notes

2.4.1 ALPHA

This release supports WoW patch 4.1 at level 85
To use this release, you must have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed. This can be downloaded from
To use the GUI you must have the .NET 4.0 Framework installed. This can be downloaded from

- Removed the Improved Fire Nova talent since it was removed in 4.1
- Updated the mechanics of Fire Nova to match the changes made in 4.1
- Changed how the duration of the Flame Shock debuff is calculated. It is now extended from when the next tick will fire.
- Did a sweep through all on use trinkets/enchants/racials to make sure they handled shared cooldowns correctly.
- Added a new option for profession based buffs. For right now, I only added lifeblood rank 7 and 8. It's modeled with a 20 second duration and a 2 minute cooldown. It's off of the gcd, but is tied to the shared trinket cooldown for it's entire duration.
- Removed the racials, bloodfury and berserking to not be tied to the shared trinket cooldown.
- Reduced the duration of Synapse Springs to 10 seconds.
- Change Hand Mounted Pyro Rocket engineering trinket to be on the shared trinket cooldown.
- Changed Tazik Shocker to be on the shared trinket cooldown and fire the shared trinket cooldown for 10 seconds.
- Added a new tracking stat to track uptime of profession based buffs
- Added in the ability to pre-pot a potion before combat. There is now a new option called usepotionbefore_combat that will indicate the number of seconds before combat your buff potion will be used. If this time is set to zero, then no potion will be pre-potted. If this time is larger than the duration of the buff, then no potion will be pre-potted.
- To support pre-potting, I added back in support for tracking the global potion cooldown.
- Added in a new stat to track the uptime of buff potions.
- Added the new meta gems added in 4.0.6 (Agile, Burning and Reverberating) No mechanic changes since they are just copies of the Chaotic one.
- When a swing was reset, the next swing was done at the haste rate at the time before the swing was reset. This doesn't happen on live, so the sim now just uses the current haste percentage when restarting a reset swing.
- Also added a new stat to track the number of swings that are reset
- Lava Lash wasn't getting reset per combat run
- Some general cooldown cleanup for Lava Lash

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