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EnhSim 2.0.5 ALPHA

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Released: Sep 29, 2010
Updated: Sep 29, 2010 by Ziff
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Release Notes

2.0.5 ALPHA

This alpha adds in the changes for Cataclysm up to beta build 13066.
To use this alpha, you must have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed. This can be downloaded from
To use the GUI you must have the .NET 4.0 Framework installed. This can be downloaded from

- Updating the cooldown of Feral Spirits to 120 seconds and the duration to 30 seconds to match the beta
- Updating the default config file to match the level 85 premade enhancement shaman from the beta
- Also dropped down the Melee Haste buff from 20% to 10% to match a recent change in the beta
- Removed the "Cast LL only if WF on cd" option from the Combat Parameters page.
- Removed the "Wait SS with WF cd" option from the same page
- Removed Cast LS only if charges left from Refresh Options.
- Removed the whole Sync Options section from the Combat Parameters page
- Removed Blessing of Wisdom and Mana Spring totem and folded them into a generic Mana Regen buff.
- Removed Judgement of Wisdom
- Added in the new priority option FS_UEF, which is casting Flame Shock only when the Unleashed Elements Flametongue buff is active.
- Also bumped up the duration of the Unleashed Elements Flametongue buff to 8 seconds from 7 seconds.
- Force Lightning Shield to be up at the start of combat since it isn't part of the rotation now
- Added in Dwarf as a race selection to support the Mace specialization racial
- Added the ability to choose mace or dagger for a weapon
- Removed the Totem section since they are just stat sticks now
- Removed the following priorties:
- Lava Lash if no Quaking Earth buff
- Earth Shock if Stormstrike debuff
- Lightning Shield - Static Shock discharge doesn't consume charges so no need to refresh if fight is less then 10 minutes
- Lightning Shield if no charges left
- MW1-5 Lava Burst
- Stormstrike if no Stormstrike debuff
- Also added in the Unleashed Elements priority since it was missing
- Switch EP Expertise to EP Expertise Rating
- The initial calculation for the spellpower buff was never updated to switch to a percentage based bonus from a flat spellpower bonus.
- The SP multiplier is never applied to the actual sim runs
- Also removed Lava Burst's ability to be effect by Maelstrom Weapon

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