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V1.9.3.0 Release (patch 3.3)

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Released: Dec 8, 2009
Updated: Dec 8, 2009 by Levva
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Release Notes

Release v1.9.3.0 - Patch 3.3 ready version of EnhSim

Changelog from v1.8.5.2
Following calculations on EJ EnhSim thread setting default combat length variation to 35%
Added a config_version parameter to config.txt
Added warning if config version doesn't match program version to reduce chances of people using old config files.
Added extra priorities to default priority list.
Added in the T10 2 piece and 4 piece bonus
Refactored the way set bonuses are done to deal with the two bonuses on T10 that are proc based
Added a new switch called cast_sr_on_cooldown, to help deal with when the T10 2p bonus can be triggered.
added mixology buff option.
Fixed progress bar under linux.
SS_0. Stormstrike if no SS debuff on the target (Zif's patch)
LL_QE. Lava Lash if Quaking Earth buff not active (Zif's patch)
Added an uptime tracker for the fire totems. (magma and searing totem)
Change config to have EP Steps equivalent to 2 epic gems
Updated Weapon_Enchants.cpp with optimisations to save double calculating stuff for combat log output
Prevent both mana spring totem and blessing of wisdom being selected at same time in GUI
Added warning if both mana spring and BoW are active
Added support for clipping magma totem early with new parameter cast_magma_only_if_ticks_left
Added support for additional targets and additional target percent
Added support for chain lightning glyph
Added support for black magic enchant
changed default combat length to 7 minutes
Black magic has a 35 sec ICD as per
Fixed spirit wolves haste calculations
Added orc command racial to buff spirit wolves
SpellCast & SpellCrit triggers no longer ignore FireNova casts
Talisman of Volatile Power now triggers on Spell Cast not on Spell Damage
Changed Fire Nova to allow cast when MT or ST are not in the rotation (ie. there is 5 min fire totem up)
Added necrotic touch proc it does not deal shadow damage yet. This is implemented as physical damage for now. Please supply data if you get this weapon
Added option to cast cl instead of lb when additional targets are in range
Implemented the aoe block calculation, sim now picks a random point in time for the aoe (duration depends on additional_target_percent)
Improved the aoe calculations for fn/mt and cl to better work with proc talents like elemental devastation
Fixed the Stormstrike usage of cl when hitting multiple targets
Added a new aoe class for these changes
Added a additional_target_level in the aoe class (feature nyi)
Feral spirits should be on spell GCD not melee GCD

GUI Changes
Added use_SR_on_cooldown and mixology options to GUI saved config files
EnhSimGUI now checks this website for a new version when it starts up
Added check for Rawr copy data to clipboard being used in error.
Fixed a message box issue which occured when the app couldn't find the last used config file (it will now only show this message box the first time it runs into this problem)
Fixed a bug with saving the settings from EnhSimGUI under windows7
display item names rather than ids. Added for enchants, gems, totems and trinkets
Added "additional procs" list box for other items that may need to be modelled from weapons/items that are not totems or trinkets. Converted necrotic touch to use the box
Removed web browser.
Added links menu. Feel free to add suggestions or just insert new items.
Fixed issue with the GUI holding onto file handles too long. Added dispose calls for the StreamReader objects.
Added warning if minimum lag values set too low.
Updated gui to have a checkbox for cl instead of lb (under boss tab, with other aoe settings)
Added web links for Rawr & EJ forum thread
Added options to load and save boss file parameters

WoW Patch 3.3 Changes
- Fire Nova spell
- Fire Nova Glyph
- Fire Nova talent
- Fire Elemental - this needs additional testing please supply results of tests you do

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