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Released: Aug 8, 2009
Updated: Aug 8, 2009 by joenievelt
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Release Notes

Specifying identical/overlapping set bonuses will no longer cause bonuses to be applied twice.
Average AP and spellpower during each ability is now tracked and displayed. For spells and special attacks the average is across the attacks that hit or crit. For white attacks (including spirit wolves' attacks) the average also includes misses, dodges and glancing blows.
Victor's Call and Talisman of Volatile Power should now be correctly implemented, similar to the Blackened Naaru Sliver.
Adding Reign of the Unliving, modeled after Thunder Capacitor. Damage done is always the average of the range, and it will deal damage on the third spell crit (subject to cooldown).
Trinkets dropped in the Trial of the Crusader now have normal and heroic versions. Use the following names for these trinkets:
  • victors_call, vengeance_of_the_forsaken, 47725, 47881
  • victors_call_heroic, vengeance_of_the_forsaken_heroic, 47948, 48020
  • talisman_of_volatile_power, fetish_of_volatile_power, 47726, 47879
  • talisman_of_volatile_power_heroic, fetish_of_volatile_power_heroic, 47946, 48018
  • deaths_verdict, deaths_choice, 47115, 47303
  • deaths_verdict_heroic, deaths_choice_heroic, 47131, 47464
  • reign_of_the_unliving, reign_of_the_dead, 47182, 47316
  • reign_of_the_unliving_heroic, reign_of_the_dead_heroic, 47188, 47477
Other items (trinkets, totems) and set bonuses added in 3.2 can now be specified by item/spell ID.
Adding searing totem and magma totem details for damage summary.
Spirit wolves now gain expertise from the shaman's hit rating; attacks will be dodged 6.5/8 times as much as they miss (0% miss = 0% dodge).
Updating config.txt to contain the supported weapon, trinket, totem and set bonus strings.

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