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FS dot still appears to be set to 4

Oct 7, 2009 at 12:33 AM

In game testing has my average FL about 700 damage over my average ES, and even 500 damage over my average storm strike, yet the sim shows it as a net DPS loss if placed in higher priority than either of those too and the "ES_SS, SS, FS, ES" priority rarely if ever even uses FS, tho it does show a modest dps gain.

I found this in skill.h:

class FlameShock: public Castable {
    FlameShock(EnhSim* simulator): Castable(simulator, 0), gcd_reduction_(0), proc_time_(-1), dots_(0), max_dots_left_(0), dots_per_cast_(4), dot_damage_multiplier_(1.0f), dot_fire_damage_multiplier_(0.0f), next_dot_time_(0), dot_event_(0)  {};

Shouldn't dots_per_cast be 6 not 4.