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Is Rawr export to enhsim working (aug 3, 2011)

Aug 3, 2011 at 3:35 PM

I was reading in the issue tracker about how last month there was discussions between rouncer and others on how they want rawr to only export the paper doll stats and not include any buffs/talents/etc so that enhsim can do all that work.  the lastest comment on july 9th was that everything seemed to be workign with rawr export.  I'm back to simming possible gear combinations that i don't currently own and love using rawr to equip/gem/enchant/reforge it before exporting to enhsim.

So as of Aug 3, 2011 is the Silverlight Rawr Export to enhsim exporting a correct file as far as enhsim is conscerned? 

I setup enhsim with all my applicable buffs/talents/glyphs and saved that config.  When i import the rawr from clipboard it gets the new stats and keep all my settings *except* the glyphs which it resets.  So is the procedure to import and reapply glyphs every time before simming?